Juliana has been teaching private yoga classes since 2004. She has experience teaching individuals and small groups, in people’s homes and at their places of work.

She has experience teaching:

  • brand new beginners
  • intermediate to advanced students
  • professional dancers
  • individuals with limited range of motion
  • athletes
  • doctors
  • women seeking to enhance their fertility
  • pregnant women
  • people with SI joint dysfunction
  • people with a scoliosis
  • people with sciatica
  • other yoga teachers
  • individuals with multiple sclerosis diagnosis
  • individuals with lupus diagnosis
  • individuals with fibromyalgia diagnosis
  • individuals with cancer or in cancer remission
  • people seeking to study mediation and/or breath-work

Private classes can help you:

  • feel more balanced in your body and in your mind
  • feel lithe, light and strong
  • better connect to your breath
  • increase flexibility and range of motion
  • increase body awareness
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • support your immune system
  • sleep better


Please inquire. Namaste.