Pelvis, Breath & Spine 
A workshop for all women
Sat. 9/9 at 1:30

House of Aum in Yellow Springs, Ohio (hyperlink home – House of AUM)
To sit, stand, move and breathe in a way that’s sensitively anchored into the felt-experience of our own pelvis can generate a wonderful sense of empowerment, and facilitate better health. But all to few of us currently have access to this state. Why? Our culture has accumulated thousands of years of shame and judgment about the female body, especially about the pelvis. These culturally ingrained shamings, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, often add up to a disassociation with our own root. Many are even walking around with a pelvic floor that’s clenched like a fist. This tension and disconnection contributes to many common pelvic issues, such as constipation, pelvic pain and more. This lived state of inhibition blocks the free flow of breath, creating negative emotional consequences as well. But the wonderful news is, these patterns can be ameliorated and replaced with affirming patterns.

This class will include some super fun anatomy, zesty discussion about pelvic floor health, breath-work, and gentle yoga poses that are explored specifically relative to their impact on the pelvic floor and pelvic organs as well as time some time for a Q&A.